Just a few of the many exciting projects we have been involved with recently. For further details or to see a full showreel please contact us.

Tyco Fire and Security required a shoot in Florida and a quick edit at Centreline to show how their new training centre worked.


Vodafone needed Centreline to edit a programme, shot at their headquarters in Newbury, to explain the internal complexities of how each of their employees should communicate with each other.


PricewaterhouseCoopers have used Centreline on numerous occasions to make the opening video to their conferences, sometimes with a viewing audience of up to 2000 people.


Barclays Bank Training Film


Xerox have entrusted Centreline to make their opening video for their sales conference.


British Telecommunications told Centreline that the ‘on site’ shoot and edit, played as a finale at their awards ceremony in Spain was the “Best we have ever seen”


Vodafone needed a spoof of “Life Of Brian” all shot against a blue screen before Centreline keyed in suitable backgrounds and sound effects.


BMG Music spoof of “Reservoir Dogs”


Sgi needed a case study to show how a new super computer was helping the work done by Professor Stephen Hawking at Cambridge University.


Wynns Oil decided to use the shopping channel QVC to launch some of their new products and asked Centreline to produce a 40” infomercial to help the campaign