The right tools for the job

When you bring an edit project to Centreline, you can be assured that we will use the most appropriate technology for the job. Like a number of the better London post-production companies, we mix tape and non-linear editing systems depending on the type of programme you want to make. For example, some long-form and conference edits can be completed more quickly using our 3-machine DigiBeta suite.

Similarly, sections of programmes with large amounts of green or blue-screen keying can be processed faster using the DigiBeta suite along with the AVS Integra DVE.

On Site Editing

Using a mobile edit suite Centreline have produced over 50 on site edits for companies over the years and have the expertise to know what is needed to make the finale. These include Hewlett Packard, Woolworths, Barclays, PricewaterhouseCoopers, BT, Mars, Microsoft, IBM and many more

Gci Healthcare recently used Centreline to produce a number of ‘Case Studies’ that were needed to be encoded for a webcast.

The technical bit

Centreline has invested in a CinéWave based Final Cut Pro edit suite; Offering SD or HD online and offline editing with extensive RealTime functionality.

For ultimate quality we use completely uncompressed capture for online projects and compositing with After Effects and Motion.

Our main edit suite is also linked to 1.7Tb of RAID protected fibre channel video storage, which gives the capacity and speed required for a professional Final Cut Pro workflow whilst safeguarding against disk failure and loss of critical data.