CD-ROM has fast become the most common method of distributing media assets. Your clients can combine data, presentation materials, text documents, video, still images and audio files within an interactive ‘shell’ giving them greater re-use than ever before.

With such a commonly available medium, it is now possible for anyone with a reasonable PC and printer to produce their own CD-ROM, so where do we fit in?

The answer is, wherever you want. We can provide a full turnkey service, digitising video material, authoring the interactive environment, design the face graphics and packaging, duplication and even fulfilment and distribution ­ or any one or combination of these services. And each part of the process is supported by rigorous quality control systems.

We also realise that this is a highly competitive market ­ we can’t claim to be the cheapest around, but we can claim to use the best materials and provide a superior service for short to medium-run projects.